Learning from pilots how to better negotiate

Flying always fascinated me and, while I did not have the chance to become an airline pilot, I recently started having flying lessons as a hobby. I also started learning much more about what it means to be a pilot - and I realized that, as a business negotiator, I could learn a lot from pilots and step-change the chances of winning my deals.  Let me start with one (negative) example: On Feb 21, 2008, Santa Barbara Airlines' Flight 518 taking off from Merida airport in Venezuela and heading to Caracas crashed into a nearby mountain shortly after departure, killing all its 46 people onboard. It was the deadliest accident involving…

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Hamlet’s dillema in negotiation

A recent call from a good friend reminded me of Hamlet's Dillema: "To be or not to be?" But this time the context was less phyosophycal and more "down to earth": a business negotiation. And it is excellent example of winning negotiations with little power!In brief, here is the background of the situation: the Romanian subsidiary of my friend's company (let's call it "THE Service Provider") has been struggling for some time getting into a "green P/L" and his local team was (understandably so!) very stressed. When a high-budgetclient (let's call them "The White Knight") approached THE Service Provider looking for a 1-year collaboration contract, the team was very excited…

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The worst way to sell – and how to avoid it!

Is there such a thing like the "best way to sell"? Or the "worst way to sell"? Personally I believe yes and in this short article I will share my experience about the latter and tell you how to avoid "killing the sale with your own hands". These advices are 100% helping in  the selling process of both services and goods. As most of my business life I've been a client, I attended countless meetings in which suppliers tried to sell their goods or services. In the majority of cases, the potential suppliers made formal presentations, aiming at gaining us as a client.  What differentiated the successful suppliers from the unsuccessful…

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Know what and how to buy

A good friend of mine called me 2 weeks ago to ask my advice related to a purchase she had to make for her marketing team: a brochure for their forthcoming new brand launch. She has little commercial purchasing experience and wanted to get the most for her money, while avoiding potential pitfalls. So here are my condensed advices I gave her - which I hope will help you too! They refer to purchasing goods and also services and will help you know better what and how to buy what you need. Know what exactly you need to buy. Be clear in your mind what exactly you MUST get (mandatory) and…

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Negotiation tactics – how to use them wisely, without losing your soul

Negotiation tactics - a "hot" topic that I'm sure will draw a lot of readers for this post because apparently many people are "mesmerized" by them! But before digging into some of my learning regarding the best use of negotiation tactics, I want to talk about one of my favorite movies: "Shortcut to happiness". It's simply a brilliant movie, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Alec Baldwin. You might wonder what this move has to do with the title of this blog post? It might surprise you, but the two have one very important learning in common: both in life and negotiation, you must work hard to be…

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Humor in negotiation – an often overlooked great winning strategy

Humor in negotiation? I know I'm raising many eyebrows with this topic. This is because negotiation is many times considered a very serious subject - which it is, by the way! And many times people run business negotiations extremely stiff and sober, rarely joking or even smiling. I've been in countless such negotiations and believe me, saying they weren't fun is an understatement. Yet, I often recall the answer of an international spy to the question "What is life?". He said: "It doesn't really matter; you are not getting out of it alive! So, don't take it so seriously all the time!"It may be my nature, but I am a…

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The best negotiators are like the best doctors!

I was asked many times in my training or speeches what are the qualities of the best negotiators. I always answered in the best way I could, based on my experiences up to that moment. These days, however, I realized that the answer is much simpler than I thought and the answer was there, in front of my eyes all the time. I just did not see it until now! The qualities of the best negotiators are the same as the qualities of the best doctors! As simple as that! While you may argue that not everyone dealt with a professional negotiator, I doubt there is anyone who did not go…

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Barter negotiation – the golden nugget in times of crisis

Barter negotiation is a tactic I simply LOVE ! I have used it countless times across my career and it NEVER failed me! I only wish I would have thought of employing it more often! For sure I would have won more deals... I strongly feel that nowadays, in these times of unprecedented crisis and turmoil, barter can be the "golden nugget" that may make many deals come true, despite the difficult economic environment. In this short post I will share with you how to best use of this tactic and close truly WIN-WIN deals!Before anything else, let me say it loud and clear: BARTER is one of the most…

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About this blog

I'm sharing in this blog my personal observations, strategies, tactics and tips about what makes a successful negotiation. I derived these from my own, extensive international business negotiation experience. They served me very well over time and helped me win many important negotiations. I have personally tested them for over 20+ years and proved they work across geographies and in various business or personal circumstances. Find more strategies, tips, tactics and advises on how best to prepare, run and implement successful negotiations in my book "The Elite Negotiation™ - 3rd international edition". For an unforgettable interactive experience, attend my special 1 or 2 days training or my LIVE Webinars.

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Winning negotiations in times of unprecedented crisis

Winning negotiations in times of crisis is particularly challenging. The CoVid 19 pandemic hit us totally unexpectedly and put the World on a halt. Going beyond the initial shock, with its inherent "action paralysis", we realize that the business must go on, if we are to survive from an economic point of view. But, the key question is: "how do we thrive in the new business normality?" None of us was really prepared for this "new way of doing business" and business negotiation makes no exception.So, what challenges are we facing nowadays and what are our best negotiation strategies and tactics that will help us overcome them, so we maximize our…

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