What the participants say

Simply PRICELESS training

Eugeniu’s obvious experience makes the training priceless. Not only he shares direct & long experience, but also asks for personal examples and gives advice

Interactive, useful, practical

An interactive and complex course, useful and practical, with realistic and relevant case studies. Three days of sharing experiences, questions, practical negotiation exercises and also some humor. I would have gladly come for a fourth day!

Very well structured

Meaningful examples; info very well structured in an easy to remember way; it's one of the trainings I attended that kept my attention all the time focused.

Great overall experience

I believe this is the most complex training I had: lots of exercises about the subject, lots of time and energy spent on it. A great overall experience.

Many real life examples

Eugeniu’s experience offers a series of relevant examples for all aspects that are discussed in the training. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a more efficient negotiator, both in business and in personal life.

Full of important information

A lot of interaction, a lot of movies, cartoons and very useful exercises that helped me in getting so much information and also realizing the importance of every step of the negotiation


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