negotiation strategy webinar

“Winning negotiations in times of unprecedented crisis”

powered by The Elite Negotiator™

A special webinar series enabling you to win all your negotiations, every time, “come Hell or high water”!

What's in the series

8 live webinars, 1.5 h each

The webinars cover the most critical skills needed to win all negotiations, all the time. Each webinar includes practical tips and tricks for immediate results, as well as a dedicated Q&A session

100% practical, immediate applicability

Based on “The Elite Negotiator™” book and special, proprietary training authored by Eugeniu. 100% practical, rooted in author's 25+ years experience in the negotiation "trenches" and with instant applicability.

Signed copy of "The Elite Negotiator™"

A personalized, signed copy of “The Negotiator™ - The Essential Edition” book (published internationally in 2021), for each participant.

The Elite Negotiator

The webinar modules

M1. The deadliest negotiation mistakes

  • A collection of the biggest 14 negotiation mistakes that can kill any negotiation
  • Practical advises how to avoid them all
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M2. The best negotiation tactics

  • The most important negotiation strategies and tactics, explained and detailed
  • The Golden Rules for using the negotiation tactics
  • Do’s and Don’ts when using negotiation tactics
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M3. Differentiate or lose the negotiation

  • Understand the paramount importance of differentiating what you offer in a negotiation
  • Proven techniques for achieving unbeatable uniqueness, making the other party crave for your offer
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M4. Breaking the negotiation deadlock

  • What is negotiation deadlock
  • Key root causes for negotiation deadlock
  • Practical strategies for exiting even stronger after a deadlock
  • How you can use deadlock as a tool to maximize the gain from any negotiation
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M5. The written and video negotiations

  • Written (email) negotiation and video (Skype, Teams, Zoom etc.) negotiations as “the new normality” nowadays, during the crisis
  • What are the advantages and pitfalls for each type of remote negotiation and how to maximize your gain by leveraging/avoiding them
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M6. The best sources of power

  • The importance of having power in the negotiation
  • How to maximize own power and diminish the power of your counterpart
  • A collection of the most important sources of power and the tips of ethically using them
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M7. The Total Negotiation Value

  • The critically important approach of looking at the VALUE rather than looking solely at PRICE
  • Financial and non-financial value elements
  • A 360 degrees approach for sustainable VALUE gain, in all negotiations
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

M8. Negotiating deals that don’t fall apart

  • The best, time-tested, strategies, tactics and advises for achieving true win-win deals that resists over time and don’t fall apart in the implementation phase
  • The importance of doing the right thing, of business ethics, of personal character and reputation
  • Dedicated Q&A session on this topic

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