Eugeniu D. mihai

your reputation is more important than any single deal that you negotiate!

Eugeniu D. Mihai holds a Master of Science in Industrial Organic Chemistry from “Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Valedictorian, class of 1996. He has a broad commercial experience in senior and top management positions in multinational FMCGs (Procter & Gamble, Molson Coors), large retail (METRO Group), international financial services (Angels Den Ltd UK) and full-service advertising agency (Wave Division Group).

As of Jan 2018 he is Procurement Director Romania and Bulgaria in Molson Coors.

Since 1998 Eugeniu D. Mihai has been intensively involved in hundreds of national and international business negotiations for the companies he worked for and also counseled and represented various business people in their negotiations.

Eugeniu D. Mihai is an officially qualified trainer, awarded for his exceptional results across years. He was invited by IAA (International Advertisers Association) to be among the few business professionals training in their School of Marketing & Communication (his trainings are “Business Strategy” and “Financial Management”)

He is the author of the internationally published book “The Elite Negotiator™ – The Ultimate Guide for Negotiating Like a PRO” (3rd edition available Worldwide since 2018)

His “Elite Negotiator™” trainings, workshops, seminars and tailor-made speeches have benefited thousands across 4 continents since 2014.


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